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Traveler - Traveler

Canadian heavy metallers Traveler have at last unleashed their debut self-titled album! I have been looking forward to their release since their hard-hitting demo in 2018. Like the demo, this album opens with “Starbreaker,” a melodic and deliciously riffy traditional metal-sounding track with a driving bass sound and a catchy chorus. Traveler does not joke around with double guitar melodies. Even their instrumental cover of “Konamized” turns old-school video game music into pure, unadulterated shred. If you’re feeling like you’ve travelled (ayy) for a hell of a journey at this point, take a break with mid-tempo jam “Fallen Heroes,” which has no shortage of riffs and emotional yet aggressive vocals. “Mindless Maze” was my standout track of this album - I’m a sucker for acoustic intros that escalate quickly. Traveler’s album is a monster of a debut and is a must for NWOBHM fans, NWOTHM fans, USPM fans, and all fans of great music.

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